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Vintage Classic Collection
Laminate Flooring Vancouver

A tasteful fusion of old and new, Krono Original® Vintage Classic flooring provides the perfect foundation for a thrilling juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. The popular vintage style has long been in fashion, because it embodies the precious traces of time, revealing their beauty in partly hand-finished aesthetics. Vintage Classic, Vintage Long and Vintage Narrow flooring can look wonderful when used together in the same room, offering a stylish appearance in the spirit of the times.

Vintage Long Collection
Laminate Flooring Vancouver
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The traces of time are precious and beautiful – so it’s little wonder that vintage style has long been a dominant trend in homes of sophistication. The Krono Original® Vintage Long flooring is the perfect addition to our Vintage collection – a stylish highlight by itself and when combined with other lengths and widths in the Vintage Narrow and Vintage Classic ranges. Its structured surface looks hand-finished and lends our Vintage flooring an authentic, down-to-earth charm.

Vintage Narrow Collection
Laminate Flooring Vancouver
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Vintage Narrow provides the ideal stage for vintage interior design; found pieces, design classics and accessories from different eras need an elegant, yet modest platform to really work the room. The handy floorboard format with a matt, hand-scraped surface and a synchronous structure makes this flooring really special. Install on its own or in stylish combination with Vintage Classic and Vintage Long for down-to-earth elegance with timeless charm.