Hardwood and Engineered Flooring            made in China

Citiflor Engineered Flooring

Unifloor Engineered Flooring
Dansk Hardwood Engineered Flooring
Laurentian Hardwood Engineered Flooring
Wiston Engineered Flooring
                          Kentwood Engineered Flooring
American Guild Engineered Flooring
                                            Alston Engineered Flooring
                                  Timeless Engineered Flooring
Pravada Engineered Flooring
Kraus Engineered Flooring
Elgin Engineered Flooring
                               Du Chateau Engineered Flooring
                                                Armstrong Engineered Flooring
                                                Urbanfloor Engineered Flooring
                                          Carlton Engineered Flooring

 What flooring is more desirable then Engineered Hardwood Flooring in Vancouver? 

Engineered flooring is the modern, versatile version of traditional solid hardwood flooring. Engineered floors maintain the tradition, the beauty, and the elegance of true hardwood floors - today, they are re-introduced in this new format which is more 
structurally  stable than traditional hardwood flooring. Engineered floors have the added benefit of adaptability as these floors can be installed using any of the three installation methods: floating,
nail-down, or glue-down. Engineered floors can also be installed below grade as traditional 
wood flooring cannot. 

Vancouver flooring sales & installations made easy!

In Vancouver the most common installation method is the floating method... We hope you Enjoy our beautiful engineered hardwood floor collection!

We have also listed virtually every engineered flooring manufacturer underneath our featured products. These represent virtually all the distributors in Vancouver! Here you will find virtually every product available (though some products may be regional).  

Feel free to take a look at everything that is out there. We have access to every product on the market. Here is some of what we sell:

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