Appalachian Engineered Hardwood
Alta Moda Collection
Engineered Flooring Vancouver

Alta Moda offers you an experience worthy of the great fashion houses. Red and White Oak are treated to a light wire-brushing to reveal the full depth of their character and to create a deeper texture on the surface. Unique and complex stains are then applied to make every single product in this collection stand out like a runway model.

Steel brushes are used to lightly texture the surface of the flooring. An ultra-matte finish is then applied. This makes for flooring that is kid and pet friendly as its texture helps hide marks and scratches.

Appalachian Hardwood Flooring-CMO- Floors- Vancouver- BC
Era Design Collection
Engineered Flooring Vancouver
Era-Design-Collection-Appalachian- Engineered- Hardwood- CMO- Floors- Vancouver- BC

The moment you first walk on your new Era Design floor, you will be swept away by the magnetic pull of its organic texture and luxurious beauty. An innovative oil process lets us preserve and protect the rich appearance of the wood without obscuring it beneath an artificial layer.

Our production process allows us to create a fine patina that will resist wear, liquid spills and conceal damage for years to come.

The Era Design oil finish showcases the natural texture and appearance of wood and makes the repair of minor damage relatively simple.

Appalachian Hardwood Flooring-CMO- Floors- Vancouver- BC
Signature Collection
Engineered Flooring Vancouver

Our prefinished hardwood floors do not need to be sanded before use. In addition the Evershine finish on most of our floors is covered by a 35 year warranty against wear through.

Principles such as continuous improvement and a drive for perfection allow us to provide every customer with the high quality floor that they deserve.

The Evershin advantage is that the abrasion-resistant aluminum oxide particles are in the very top layer of the finish, thereby protecting the original appearance of your floor.

Appalachian Hardwood Flooring-CMO- Floors- Vancouver- BC
Special FX Collection
Engineered Flooring Vancouver

We have pushed beyond the limits of traditional creativity to give birth to visionary styles that have to be seen to be believed. From metallic coatings to ultra matte finishes, our Special FX collection contains revolutionary products that will change the face of floor covering.

Whether it is about exploring the far corners of the galaxy, travelling back in time to see lost civilizations, or marvel at what magic can do, the technology of special effects lets us believe in the unbelievable and brings our imagination to life.

The Special FX Collection from Appalachian Flooring aims to capture that wonder, by using advanced technology to combine opposing natural materials and create finishes that defy reality.

Imagine a floor with the warmth and natural grain of wood, but with the radiance of polished metal. Our Metal FX products uses metallic pigments in our finishing process to create wood floors with the look and shine of stainless steel. It’s almost magic.

Dreaming of a modern colour that is out of this world? Our Special FX products use a special double-layered staining process which results in a beautiful depth of coloration with a finish so matte that it has the lowest gloss levels currently available. It’s futuristic, with a touch of enigma.

Special FX products are available in both Solid and Engineered profiles in a select assortment of widths and grades. Due to our unique production process, variations in appearance between production lots may occur.

Appalachian Hardwood Flooring-CMO- Floors- Vancouver- BC
Villa Europa Collection
Engineered Flooring Vancouver

Villa Europa is hardwood flooring redefined, born from our passion for iconic design. This collection allows you to experience beautiful living in a way never before possible by combining exceptional creativity and quality with a deep respect for nature.

Like any world class masterpiece, each Villa Europa floor is unique. Every board is individually worked, to create its hammered look and distinctive character.

Our unique process allows the beautiful organic of hardwood, such as heartwood and sapwood highlights, to better shine through, which make each and every floor in this collection incomparable

Appalachian Hardwood Flooring-CMO- Floors- Vancouver- BC